bag NOUN 1) a flexible container with an opening at the top. 2) (bags) loose folds of skin under a person's eyes. 3) (bags of) informal, chiefly Brit. plenty of. 4) informal an unpleasant or unattractive woman. 5) (one's bag) informal one's particular interest or taste.
VERB (bagged, bagging) 1) put in a bag. 2) succeed in killing or catching (an animal). 3) succeed in obtaining. 4) (of clothes) form loose bulges. 5) Austral. informal criticize.
bags (or bags I) — Cf. ↑bags
in the bag — Cf. ↑in the bag
DERIVATIVES bagful noun bagger noun baggy adjective (baggier, baggiest) .
ORIGIN perhaps from Old Norse.

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